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Policies on Brands and Countries of Origin

Brand Selection

Each of the brands included in our catalog has its strengths and weaknesses. Together they make up a very deep product line covering a wide spectrum of applications. What we look for in a tooling line is consistent quality, good availability, a solid warrantee, and good value. We generally buy directly from manufacturers (or their US subsidiaries) so that, when necessary, we are able to communicate with engineering or production personnel directly responsible for manufacturing the product.

Brand Promotion

Manufacturers periodically promote portions of their product line. We regularly participate in these specials when they apply to items we carry. When merchandise is on sale, it will be marked as such. We do not accept vendor advertising on our site, nor do we give preference to one brand over another. Any endorsement or recommendation by us represents our sincere belief about a product or brand, based on years of distributing it and listening to feedback from users.

Country of Origin

All things being equal, we are inclined to choose US made products. However, when an imported item offers real benefits over the domestic one, we will not let flag-waving stand in the way of offering the best tooling solutions to our customers. The majority of imported items we carry are from Canada, Europe, and Israel. Products originating from China and other asian countries, with the exception of Japan, have not been considered suitable for professional and industrial users. This is changing over time, but in our opinion the quality of manufacturer goods and metallurgy from China is uneven and cannot be relied upon.