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carbon steel

  Blades with one-piece carbon steel construction available as spring tempered "hard back" blades or "flex back" style with hardened teeth and a softer, flexible back. Both types feature good wear resistance and economy. Hard back blades resist swaging and scoring, offer straight cuts at fast cutting rates, accept heavier feed pressure than flexible back carbon steel blades, but are more likely to crack when run at high speeds on small wheel diameters. Typical applications include wood and wood products, non-ferrous metals and mild steel.
bi-metal blades

  Bi-metal bandsaw blades have cobalt high speed steel tips with a hardness of Rc 63-65. Bi-metal blades stay sharp longer than carbon steel blades in all materials. They can also be used on alloy steels including stainless steel.
carbide tipped blades
  Lenox Tri-Master® carbide tipped bandsaw blades provide unsurpassed heat and wear resistance. Precision ground teeth result in smooth cuts with an excellent finish. Applications include abrasive, non-ferrous metals, aluminum castings, fiberglass, graphite, plastics and other non-metallic materials. They are also excellent for wood cutting, particularly for abrasive woods like teak and other tropical hardwoods.