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sawblades /  carbide-tipped sizing & trimming /  by application /  plywood
step 1: select plywood type and thickness
plywood types

 structural: sheathing, siding, subfloor, etc.

 sanded interior/exterior: to APA grade A face

 fine hardwood or softwood veneer: 1 side,
       ANSI grades A,B

 fine hardwood or softwood veneer: 2 sides,
       ANSI grades A,B

 less than 1/2"

 1/2" to 1"

 stacked: 1" to 2"

 stacked: 2" to 3-1/2"

 stacked: over 3-1/2"

Hint: The need for careful selection of sawblades for cutting plywood is much greater when you will be cutting across the surface grain.  If you only need to saw with the grain, then the specifications for the blade are much less restrictive. A wide range of sawblades designed for use on wood-based products will give satisfactory results on plywood when cutting only with the grain.